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Our target

ADNBP Solutions

We focus on providing solutions to companies with subsidiaries in various countries, requiring processes capable of bringing together information and control to monetize their overall strategy and maximize their margins.

Our Mission

Implement services oriented to cost savings and productivity improvement through control of internal processes and human resources.

Our Counterparty

Member of the board of Directors or Financial Director with decision-making
power over the most sensitive parts of the organization.


Control and Improvement of corporate expenses

Through an overall strategy and specific tactics, we allow control over operating expenses of a business in a transparent manner for their employees. This decreases the amount thereof based on human psychology and anomaly detection.

A company can achieve lower spending of their employees (fraudulent or not) by up to 38% without affecting the operative of the business. This is achieved through self-correction, together with simple and effective control by the board of what is going on with each employee every month.

Business KPI definition and real time monitoring.

Parameterization of SMART KPIs (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely Key Performance Indicators) based on the Company's mission and vision, to facilitate decision-making based on performance measurement of specific objectives and process adjustments to meet their goals.

KPIs are reflected on visual, simple and accessible tools that feed through processes of BI or Big Data for real time decision-making.

Business process automation

Study of the current processes of the company to identify areas of improvement and define the strategy used to automate these processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications and new technologies throughout the organization.

Under the SaaS and PaaS model and a 360º point of view, we build your CRM, ERP, Process (BPM), HR Management, eMarketing campaigns, Financial Management, Web Strategy, eCommerce, Multimedia, Scorecards (BI) reports and any solution that contributes to increase operative efficiency and a faster and more accurate decision making.

Interim management focused on processes for change

Through the expertise of our team, we conduct a preliminary evaluation of the situation or business need in order to define the most appropriate professional to fill the required position.

This person will have access to the overall technologies we work with to ensure a better support during the process. The implementation of these technologies facilitate decision making in real time and thus accelerate the process of change or improvement.

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